Saturday, October 17, 2009

A long "Break"

Holy Crap! Not only have I not blogged in almost 4 months, but I haven't BREWED in 4 months either! It's getting terribly depressing and I'm going to use this blog as (hopefully) a jump start back in to things.
As a quick back story, I recently (well, 3 months ago) broke up with the girl I was dating and living with. Finding new housing AND a brewing arrangement has been a wee bit tricky. That art studio I had where I brewed previously was split down the middle with her too, so I had to move (mostly for money reasons) out of there as well. So now I'm living in a nice hardwood floored apartment on Capitol Hill and haven't gotten to figuring out how to connect my wort chiller to yet another impossibly old sink faucet. Not to mention needing to find out if my stove top is going to be able to cut it....
There has been one glimmer of hope though! I recently met someone who has an art studio that has a garage, a GARAGE, that I might be able to use! YAY! So, if that works out I'd be sittin' pretty :) In the mean time though, I'm pretty damn busy with work and travel so brewing is unfortunately still number 2 on the list of a million number 1 things to do.
I also don't have internet access in my new apartment unless my wireless can pick something up (which is rare) right now too. So, I haven't really been doing the blogging thing. But I think it's past time to get back to it! So, friends family and fellow brewers wish me luck on my adventure back into the love that is homebrewing.

Brew It!